This company has a specific philosophy to which each employee and the primary associates will be expected to adhere. Our intentions are specifically grounded in our commitment to people, passion about music and the stand we are taking to contribute unselfishly to the universal good.

Whereas, we represent artists' and artists' are the communicators to the world, our intentions are:

To be extremely successful as a company of team players creating a business that will impact the world.

To acquire a great deal of money. To share the rewards with others who participate with us.

To be an example for others to follow.

To be on the cutting edge of music and culture.

To spend marketing and promotion money wisely and effectively.

To make decisions based on knowledge and intuition, then stand by those decisions with the faith it takes to win.

To be committed to doing the best we can to listen and respond to everyone.


The foundation of our company is built on the following:

· Our Promise is: To be honesty in action. Between ourselves and the people we deal with, we must be grounded in the truth. Our word is our bond. We will give our word only when we are willing to take responsibility for producing the results.

· Our Stand is: We are a stand for of all people working together, supporting each other and working as a team to succeed together.

· Our Purpose is: To use this opportunity of being an integral part of the distributing industry to expose our community's films/music and develop long lasting careers for our producers/artists.

· Our Agreement is: To share our wealth and opportunity with others as it was shared with us and be a force in doing what is right.

· Our Philosophy is: To treat all people with respect regardless of the circumstances. When we consistently act with our Greater Purpose in mind and our Stand in Action, we will all reap the benefits.

· We can be counted on for: Making decisions that will benefit all who are affected.

As we represent ourselves and our company consistent with our mission statement, our choices, actions and attitudes will create a reputation we will be proud of. This is what will set us apart - making us an example for others to follow. It starts with us, as powerful individuals united in a commitment of uncompromising integrity.