404. its crazy cause the shit you teach on those dvds works on any sampler, real talk. well anyway thinks for helping me to look at music from a different angle homie! i gotta go, im bout get back? on this sampler and make some shit!!! peace!

BlakGold HipHop BeatMaker

I received my Dvds :-) last week, High,Thank you very much for the help, yet I watched the first two dvd. I learned a lot in one day, things I needed to improve my sound, how to have the samples intersect each other, put a filter on the kick to make them heavier, your technique to find the true speed of a sample is CRAZY man :-) and more ... I waited a long time since that day, the day my creations are exactly as I want. Although,I am not a novice, the first DVD has served me well to make good bases. The second showed me things I did not know, or so I am learning, and it's heavy. It's not that I lack the desire, to watch The third was :-) but I'll wait to master the second DVD before, then I attack the third. This weekend, I spent two white nights on my Mp, train,train, and train again.come up with your lessons and my personnaluty to a beat that I like. I still have to master the manner to mix and master my tracks separating the overall sound as you said me,following the Third DVD, I have them with me in my workbag (I'm going to work). Supreme last thing, as you is my teacher and I am your pupil :-), is it possible to send you some sounds that you give me your opinion please? If you do not have time I understand and I respect this, while waiting I hope you'll hear from me very soon because I have tubes waiting to be finalized. That's why I did not come out earlier because they lacked something that the MPC2500 you advised me to buy, now offers them, and I needed it. I want people to respect my name, so I waited to provide them the best possible sound. Peace man.

TheFreshPeddler thanks for droppin the knowledge on us. I was curious about how the sample chopping works on the mpc. Can you assign the slices to different pads? Its? great to see someone who knows their stuff take the time to help. Big up to you homie
Sinosure : Great inspiration Supreme! I have an MV, but it's no different! Love that "boom bap" style you teach us! Man you had what, seven or eight joints ready beat wise that you showed us live, ready for someone to spit on! You right Preme, make doing beats FUN! I don't even know what to say cause you had so many dope sections in this one vid! Crazy, just fu*king crazy! Bout to go download the joints too!? THANKS!
SonnyNight21 :Preme loved the video as always and have the dvd's and the vinyl drums and before I download your free set I just wanted to say thank you not just from me but? from all of us that support and appreciate what you do that you really didn't have to do. you have made a difference is some way or another to us all in a world where dudes will take your mon-ties but will not take the time to give back. Thank you once again.